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About Patty Charles

Some information on how I became a photographer.

My professional photography career began long before the digital world emerged. I worked in various areas of photography which shaped my understanding of how photography business operated. In early days I was the darkroom technician for a daily newspaper. Following that position I held a clerical position working at a lab that serviced professional photographers exclusively. Later I became a freelance photographer for a large metro studio where the majority of my assignments were shooting sports and events. Each of those steps along my photographic journey afforded me the knowledge to formulate a business model for my own photo studio.

Personally I'm happiest when outdoors in nature and most comfortable behind a lens than in front of one. My interest in photography began with taking pictures in nature and over the past few years I have returned to my roots and spend copious amounts of time exploring outdoor surroundings watching how light can make or break a photo opportunity and learning animal behaviors that are essential to photograph wildlife In their habitats. 

Enjoy exploring my galleries of nature and wildlife photos. These photos will be a great addition to any home or office decor and they make treasured gifts for all occasions.

Beautiful light

Beautiful light

An afternoon drive was interrupted when I came upon this scene in the flatwoods. The late day light lit up the tree trunks that are normally in shade and looked so serene.

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